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  • From the customizations area open the entity form which you'd like to display the record count on
  • Click on Form Properties
  • Add mag/jquery1.8.3.min.js and mag/uirecordcounter.js to the Form Libraries section. Please make sure that the jquery library added above uirecordcounter library
  • Add a new Event Handler to Form Load
Library: mag_/uirecordcounter.js
Function: UIRecordCounter.Counter.displayCount
Parameter: see example below

  • Save & Publish

Parameter Example

The UIRecordCounter.Counter.displayCount function allows you to pass an array specifying which navigation items to display the count in.

Single navigation record count

Multiple navigation record count
['navItemName1:relatedEntityName1:foreignKeyFieldName1', 'navItemName2:relatedEntityName2:foreignKeyFieldName2']

Example: if you want to display the record count on the Activities navigation menu use the following parameter:

Available Navigation Item Names (OOTB)
  • navActivities
  • navActivityHistory
  • navSubConts
  • navRelationships
  • navConnections
  • navOpps
  • navQuotes
  • navOrders
  • navInvoices
  • navService
  • navContracts

You can find the navigation item names by using Internet Explorer Developer Tools (F12) and looking at the id="..." of each navigation item.

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